Saturday, May 16, 2009

May I please have the rings?

When our officiant said these words I had no idea that just moments before my sister did not have the ring. Matt's dad was carrying my rings and my sister was in charge of Matt's ring for me. Apparently just moments before the rings were needed my sister had to run back to her purse and get the ring which was about 25 feet away causing my mom to nearly have a panic attack wondering what in the world was wrong.

One would think that with only 9 people in attendence at our little ceremony I would have noticed one of the guests running off. But my sister said I was to busy staring into Matt's eyes to notice anything.

We didn't notice a thing, only each other. The rings were there, we delivered our vows, and YEAH we were married!!! The vows we selected were a combination of several different traditional ceremonies. We selected words that would emphasize our equal partnership as best friends.

And of course we sealed it with a kiss. This photo isn't our first kiss but I got carried away in photoshop again and wanted to share.

Photos from David Sunfellow Photography.


Beverly said...

I didn't notice that Lori left either. I was just looking at Matt and thinking that he had the happiest smile on his face that I had ever seen.

Blue wedding shoes said...

You look great! Love the blue shoes!