Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lemon Cupcakes for Dessert Reception

We are going to a Labor Day BBQ so I thought I would test out a new dessert recipe for the Dessert Reception in NE and bring it along to try out on our friends. I used a boxed cake mix (Martha quit judging me). I am thinking that we will need shortcuts whenever possible because of all of the preparations. It was a Myer Lemon Cake Mix from Fresh and Easy - my new grocery store obsession. I was going to make a lemon frosting but the cupcakes were really lemony so I decided to do a homemade cream cheese frosting and zest some lemon peal on top for effect. Alternatively I was thinking about using multicolored sprinkles like in the photo from an earlier post about possible dessert options.

Overall they were pretty good but a little dry. I guess that is why cupcake bakers invented frosting. Tomorrow we will see what our friends think and see if they are a contender.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Agave Favors Drown in Storm

A few weeks ago I posted an entry about the agave wedding favors I was working on. Well last night they got dumped on by a crazy storm we had in Phoenix. I had them sitting outside so they could get a little sun and forgot all about them when a lighting storm started. Before I knew it is was a torrential downpour with huge wind gusts of up to 100 miles per hour. We lost part of a tree in the front yard (which almost feel on Matt's car) and are still without power as of 3:00 the next day.

The little agave pots are full of water and about half of the dirt has washed away. Many of the leaves are also broken off - probably because of the hail that came with the storm.

Oh well, I still have a few months to nurse them back to health. If not I can wash out the little pots and fill them with candy,

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wedding Website

We started our wedding website today!
Password: kreeples

Our Very Own Papel Picado

Thanks to our friends Julie and Angela we now have our very own papel picado. Julie was working in Mexico and offered to see if there was a local paper store that could make our own custom design. Matt designed it incorporating our names, agaves, hearts, and flowers. Angela transported them back to Arizona. We have some in turquoise, yellow, and fuschia. I am very excited to make some of my own and string them together with these.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Matt's Dessert Choices

Matt said I didn't include anything he would like in my earlier post about possible desserts for the NE reception. So here is a special collage for him. All images are from Martha Stewart.

Click to enlarge.

Paper Lace

I love this paper lace for decorating invitations or other wedding accessories. It is only $3.50 for 12 yards from Brookerpie at Etsy.
Wish it came in different colors...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pretty Flower Vases

These vases from Jamali Garden would be really pretty hanging from trees or maybe the ceiling above a dining table. This site also has some really cool flower pots and other garden goodies.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Would you eat any of these?

I have been searching for dessert recipes for the Nebraska reception. Do any of these look good? All photos are from the Martha Stewart webpage.

Click to enlarge

Photo Booth

I have been thinking about the idea of a make-shift photo booth for the Dessert Reception in Nebraska. I have seen lots of other blog posts and this seems like a new trend in wedding receptions. You can rent photo booths that print out the filmstips but this can cost about $2000. A more cost effective idea is to set up a photo area, put a digital camera on a tripod, and supply plenty of fun props for quirky pics. I though we could set up a piece of white or colored fabric from the garage overhang in the back yard. This would be fun at the party in Tempe as well but not sure there will be space - and it will be dark for most of the event.

I have seen alot of neat ideas from the Junebug Wedding Blog here.

These shots are from the Brooklyn Bride blog.

The sombrero is a good idea for our Mexican theme. Also the feather boa's are cool.

Click to enlarge.

Some other great ideas are from another one of my favorite blogs- Oh Happy Day. They set up a photo booth at a bloggers party in San Francisco.

I absolutely love the fake fur mustaches!!! So cute for kids.

Here is another great idea found on Flickr where they provided wooden frames for the quests to hold up.

Another idea would be to have a chalk board so that quests can write out a message. I think it would be great to print the photos and send them in the Thank You cards.

Some other props could be funny hats, giant sunglasses, party hats, bubbles and Loomis.

Anybody have any other ideas??

Cake Stands

I have been looking for cake stands for the dessert reception and possible candy buffet. Unfortunately Fiestaware does not make a cake stand but does have some large platters. However, I do like the pedestal effect of a cake stand. Here are a few of my favorites that I have found. So many shapes, sizes, and colors!!

Click to enlarge

Row 1: 1-3) Martha Stewart Collection from Macy's
Row 2: 1) 2) Conran Shop
Row 3: 1-4) Target
Row 4: 1-3) The Tea Pot Shoppe
Row 5: 1-2) Pottery Barn and 3) Central Chef
Row 6: 1-3) Chow, the Green Jadeite plate is available here: