Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lemon Cupcakes for Dessert Reception

We are going to a Labor Day BBQ so I thought I would test out a new dessert recipe for the Dessert Reception in NE and bring it along to try out on our friends. I used a boxed cake mix (Martha quit judging me). I am thinking that we will need shortcuts whenever possible because of all of the preparations. It was a Myer Lemon Cake Mix from Fresh and Easy - my new grocery store obsession. I was going to make a lemon frosting but the cupcakes were really lemony so I decided to do a homemade cream cheese frosting and zest some lemon peal on top for effect. Alternatively I was thinking about using multicolored sprinkles like in the photo from an earlier post about possible dessert options.

Overall they were pretty good but a little dry. I guess that is why cupcake bakers invented frosting. Tomorrow we will see what our friends think and see if they are a contender.

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Melissa Kruse and Matt Peeples said...

Okay so the general consensus was that they were dry but the good news is the frosting was a big hit.