Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Photo Booth

I have been thinking about the idea of a make-shift photo booth for the Dessert Reception in Nebraska. I have seen lots of other blog posts and this seems like a new trend in wedding receptions. You can rent photo booths that print out the filmstips but this can cost about $2000. A more cost effective idea is to set up a photo area, put a digital camera on a tripod, and supply plenty of fun props for quirky pics. I though we could set up a piece of white or colored fabric from the garage overhang in the back yard. This would be fun at the party in Tempe as well but not sure there will be space - and it will be dark for most of the event.

I have seen alot of neat ideas from the Junebug Wedding Blog here.

These shots are from the Brooklyn Bride blog.

The sombrero is a good idea for our Mexican theme. Also the feather boa's are cool.

Click to enlarge.

Some other great ideas are from another one of my favorite blogs- Oh Happy Day. They set up a photo booth at a bloggers party in San Francisco.

I absolutely love the fake fur mustaches!!! So cute for kids.

Here is another great idea found on Flickr where they provided wooden frames for the quests to hold up.

Another idea would be to have a chalk board so that quests can write out a message. I think it would be great to print the photos and send them in the Thank You cards.

Some other props could be funny hats, giant sunglasses, party hats, bubbles and Loomis.

Anybody have any other ideas??

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