Friday, August 29, 2008

Agave Favors Drown in Storm

A few weeks ago I posted an entry about the agave wedding favors I was working on. Well last night they got dumped on by a crazy storm we had in Phoenix. I had them sitting outside so they could get a little sun and forgot all about them when a lighting storm started. Before I knew it is was a torrential downpour with huge wind gusts of up to 100 miles per hour. We lost part of a tree in the front yard (which almost feel on Matt's car) and are still without power as of 3:00 the next day.

The little agave pots are full of water and about half of the dirt has washed away. Many of the leaves are also broken off - probably because of the hail that came with the storm.

Oh well, I still have a few months to nurse them back to health. If not I can wash out the little pots and fill them with candy,

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