Friday, June 26, 2009

Yum Cupcakes!!

We knew we wanted something different for our wedding cake. Traditional isn't really us. I know that cupcakes are becoming more and more traditional at weddings and are almost a fad that is likely soon to be replaced by another. But we decided that since we had never been to a wedding with cupcakes it was still different.

We choose to go with Sprinkles. They are amazing!! One drawback of not going with a smaller bakery is that we were limited to the flavor options available for that day - that still was a dozen or more so it was still hard to decide. We could also pick from several dozen special gum paste designs for the top. Of course we choose a saguaro cactus for 2 of the 5 dozen we selected.

I recently read on honey my heart that in LA there is a mobile Sprinkles van that you can rent. What a great after reception treat!!

Review: A+, as you can tell we had some guests that had a hard time choosing what kind.


Ms. A said...

Those look SO good. I wish we had a Sprinkles. Where did you get your cake stand? Did you make it?

honey my heart said...

your cupcakes look super cute and super delicious!! great flavor display too :)

melissa said...

Thanks gals!

@ Ms. A: I jazzed up cupcake stands from Martha Stewart Crafts sold at Walmart. See this post for review info:
One thing about Sprinkles is that they are oily and stained the stands and tablecloths. I think they are still reusable - which is why I liked them but next time I would put a layer of contact paper down or something.

Nicole-Lynn said...

The cupcakes are so cute! The pics of you two are adorable!