Thursday, July 31, 2008

Agave Favors

I worked on our favors for the Tempe Fiesta and Nebraska Reception tonight. In keeping with our Mexican theme and because we love them the favors are small agave plants. I found some really cute small metal planters at IKEA. The agaves are from a plant that was blooming on campus. Unfortunately I haven't yet figured out what species but it doesn't have any spikes so it will be more user friendly. I am keeping my eye out around town to get other species in the mix. I know in Jan I can find Agave Murpheyi - the species grown prehistorically by the Hohokam.

My hope is that 1) they don't grow too big for the pots by April/May and 2) I don't kill them by April/May.

I am going to print out a small tag with information of how to care for the agave and to say thanks. Matt's duty is to come up with a clever pun or rhyme about agave and our fiestas.

They are going to act as double duty as the table decorations for the Tempe Fiesta.

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