Sunday, July 6, 2008

Candy Buffet

I really want to do a Candy bar with take away bags. Possibly at both the Tempe Fiesta and the Dessert Reception in Nebraska.
I found a how to set up a candy buffet website that has tons of links to candy whole sellers, where to buy jars, and photos.

I love this one from Martha Stewart. I especially like the signs and the pedestal glass trays. Matt doesn't really like chocolate so we would probably have other candies. But would have to have M & M chocolate candies.

I really like the photos on the jar of this example.

This one is also really cute! I like the fuschia colored take away bags. Another option is small Chinese take out boxes for guests to take away their candies.

I already have jars like these from IKEA as well as some metal scoops. I wonder where they got the LOVE shaped candy dishes?

This photo is from a Candy Apply Buffet (see apples to the left) where guests dipped their candy apples in various nuts and candies. I wouldn't want to do candy apples but love the shape of these triffle shaped bowls. Seems like it would be easier to get at the candy than many of the small neck jars others have used.

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