Friday, July 18, 2008

Macaroons and Mixers

So I know that a mixer is the type of item that newlyweds typically put on their registry. But I couldn't help myself. I have been dreaming about a Kitchen Aid Mixer for years so when I got my stimulus check last week I ordered one and counted down the hours until it arrived. The challenge was to decide on a color. Did you know how many colors they have?! I have always envisioned my mixer siting on the counter as a my culinary inspirations so I took the color decision very seriously. The color will set the stage for our kitchen for as long as I own the mixer - hopefully forever.

First I thought Red. But no. Everyone has red appliances these days. White? A good classic color that will go with everything. But boring. I hate pastels so that eliminated about 10 colors. Chrome - I like shinny things. But looks like a space ship. Oh, persimmon or tangerine. But I am not that bold. Time to bring in Matt. He looked at the color choices for about 2 seconds and matter of factly said "Cobalt Blue". Brilliant! It was everything I was looking for and even has matching Fiestaware colors. This is usually how our decision making process goes. I spend weeks agonizing over a decision. Matt decides in a few minutes which is usually the one I arrive at anyway.

The mixer arrived a few days ago and now we can register for attachments!

One of the main reasons I wanted a mixer now is that I am obsessed with French Macaroons sometimes called Parisian Macaroons or Laduree Macaroons after the pateserie in Paris that first created them. I have never had them, not even sure I have even seen them. But they are beautiful, colorful and a sound like mix between a merengue cookie and a marshmallow - my favorite. I have been dreaming about how to make different flavors for the Garden Dessert Party in Nebraska (literally I was dreaming about them).

This is what they are supposed to look like. I used Martha's recipe of course.

Mine - not so much. First problem is that you are supposed to use a food processor to grind almonds into a fine powder. After buying the mixer I couldn't afford to get a food processor so I cheated and bought almond flour which was a little chunky so I didn't get a smooth texture. I am also lacking a few other useful tools. I only had a small piping tip so used a spoon instead of piping them out which made oval cookies about 3 x the size.

The mixer worked great. Except for when I got the bowl stuck and spent literally 30 minutes trying to twist it off. I was just about to call the kitchen aid hot line on the verge of tears when I thought of using vegetable oil. Luckily it worked.

So they didn't look the greatest. Definitely not petite dainty cookies. But the taste was literally the best cookie I have ever eaten in my life. Seriously. This is definitely something I will be trying to perfect by next May. The photo is of my cookie. I used red coloring for a pink cookie and white filling.

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