Wednesday, October 22, 2008

DIY List

We are going cake tasting in a couple of weeks so I am all about cakes lately. Or should it be cupcakes?? I found a great DIY tutorial for the cupcake stand pictured below from here that is inspiring me to think cupcakes, at least for the hometown dessert reception. The Cake Journal is a great site and has tutorials, recipes, and amazing cakes.

This stand is a similar shape to expensive ones I have seen in the cake decorating isles at the craft store. But this is so much cuter and can be personalized with the wedding colors and reinvisioned for other parties like showers or even Christmas. I have also seen the design below from the Cupcake Tree. It can be ordered in 2 sizes and can be painted or personalized with ribbon.

I think the Cake Journal stand may be less expensive to recreate and looks a little sturdier and easier to personalize.

Another DIY project to add to the list!


Keeli said...

Cake tasting was definitely the best part about wedding planning. We ate so much cake I thought we were going to be sick. The weirdest thing was that my mom (who's so laid back about everything, including our wedding planning which she had to do a lot of) got super intense about the cake and kept trying to talk us into white cake, which both Erik and I absolutely detest. She got so intense about it all that I totally had a flashback to my Confirmation Party in 8th grade. My mom had told me I could have a chocolate cake and then at the party after the confirmation ceremony I looked down at the Precious Moments decorated cross shaped cake and it was totally white cake. I was so pissed, she said that the bakery made a mistake but I had always had my suspicions which were of course re-ignited by here strange insistence that weddings should have white cake. It was so weird she got totally fixated on this and we ended up agreeing to have one layer be white cake but I swear that a significant amount of my wedding day anxiety was related to my suspicions that I wasn't going to get to eat chocolate cake that day.

M and M Wedding said...

What a nightmare. It is funny how many stories people tell me about sneaky things their mothers did for the wedding. I have to admit I am a little worried I will have no control over anything at our hometown reception because it will be at my parent's house...