Sunday, October 5, 2008

Please Vote!!

Don't forget to vote for the upcoming Nov. 4th elections. For Arizonans you can request and absentee ballot up until October 24, 2008. Go to this website to request your ballot. I always like filling out an absentee ballot because then I can read all of the propositions and elections thoroughly. Not only is this election important because of the Presidential race there are several other important initiatives. For example I plan on voting NO to Proposition 102. As someone who is getting married I could not think of a worse action than to take away the wonderful, amazing right to celebrate your love for another person. Maybe someday we can have a world where Propositions such as 102 will be unheard of and legalization of gay marriage will be a reality.

Since your now thinking of voting, please vote on our honeymoon poll to the right. Come on Thailand! Wait a minute. Voting on this poll doesn't mean we will actually go, does it? Oh well. It will give us something to plan on for the future...

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