Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weekend Projects

I have been crazy busy over the last month and have been really looking forward to this weekend. Even though I still have things to do I promised myself that I would take the weekend to relax and work on some wedding projects.

I found this guestbook a couple of months ago. The cut out design goes great with many of the other decorations and papel picado theme. I added some of our favorite engagement photos using cardstock in our colors. I am calling our colors turquoise, fuchsia, lemon, lime, orange, and plum. I wonder if there are food related terms for turquoise and fuchsia?

Agave Favors
I made a couple of tags for the Agave Favors. I hope this project works out because about half of the agaves look like they are dying. I wanted to work on this project so I could submit an entry for the Martha Stewart Weddings creative favor contest. You can view my entry here. Take a look an rate my entry! I hope Martha will like it. It is sort of my secret dream that she will see it and I will get to go to the show. Fingers crossed!

Papel Picado Banners
I did some work on more Papel Picado banners. I think for the maximum color I will probably do most with just a decorative edge using craft punches. I think the hearts are a little cheesy.

I made a first run at the Fiesta Reception invitations. I want to do a mini papel picado banner in our colors. I think they turned out pretty well. The photo is a little blurry to to fully appreciate the details but I love them. I love the font too. It is called Merceed and makes the Ms of our names look really cool. Matt likes it because it looks like a pirate font.

So even through I didn't finish any projects to the point I could cross them of the list, I did make decisions about alot of things. On the list for the rest of the month include:
1) continue dress shopping (spent all afternoon looking and even was about to place an order for one I LOVED - only to find out it was discontinued!!!)
2) print and finish Save the Dates for Fiesta
3) order cake, think about design


Juliana said...

I love the invitations. They came out beautiful and the banners look really nice. Also, i you were thinking of doing some papel picado with a simple design, instead of a heart you could do a larger version of one of Matt's agave plant designs or a daisy. I think mixing it up with solids, lightly designed, and the ones with your names would look very cute. I'm glad things are coming together. :)

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

hi there! thanks for your comment on my wreath - i secretly hope the tissue paper wins. :)

i love your blog! i've added you to my google reader so i can follow along.

and all of your DIY looks great, thank you for sending it over!

Kelley Lewis Venturo said...

Did you make those invites yourself? I love them!!!

I'm going back to read more of your blog. (Congrats on your upcoming nuptials!!!)

M and M Wedding said...

Yes Kelley and thanks. I made the invitations myself. I used craft edge punches from Martha Stewart Crafts from Micheal's to make the little banners. I think they are turning out well.

Rebecca said...

super cute! we had papel picados at our little gig--just love them!