Friday, October 24, 2008

Registry Fun

I am a walking ad for Target. Many of my clothes are from the store and usually once a week I pop in just to see what its new. So it was only natural that we register here. One drawback is that there is no Target in my hometown. It is probably one of the last places in America with over 40,000 people that has no Target. Just another reason GI is behind the times.

Whenever I am in the store and see people with the scanner guns I am always jealous and was really looking forward to the day we would run around the store scanning things to our hearts content. I always sort of imagined it would almost have the same excitement as participating in a shopping spree. The kind that Toys R Us has when we were kids where kids got to run around the store for 10 to 30 minutes throw whatever they could into a basket twice their size. Registering at Target wasn't nearly as fun as a shopping spree, after all we aren't really getting the stuff - just making a list of stuff that we might get. But we did have a good time and Matt got to register for "man" stuff.

I also registered for my idol's latest cookbook and plenty of stuff for the kitchen. When we were registering it got us thinking that we don't actually even need more stuff. We have lived on our own for awhile so we have accumulated enough stuff. We are also in a position that if we want something we usually go out and get it. This process is making us think of alternative registries like a charity registry.

Another perk (other than just being able to use the scanner gun) was that we got a whole packet of info from Target including a pouch to keep receipts, lists, etc. I sent off for this a few months back. (FYI - when getting married you can get all sorts of free stuff that turns our really to be unnecessary but fun.) Really it is just a ploy to get you to register for more stuff and I now get a Target catalog in the mail about once a month. What is with the wedding industry? It is really making me think less is more.

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