Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Flowers, Feathers, or Both?

It seems like big beautiful hair clips with flowers feathers, or both are a close second to colorful shoes as the most trendy bridal accessory. Well this gorgeous trend is definitely a bandwagon I want to jump on. Wait a minute - is there a wedding trend I haven't adopted yet?
I have been waiting to do too much research on a hair accessory because I haven't actually seen my dress yet (argh - con of custom orders), therefore I am not sure of the shade of ivory. And there is the color of shoes I will go with and if I have any strong feelings about other jewelry to consider as well. The decision making never ends. But here are the results of my first serious recon mission.

Examples from Fancy Smancy Designers

From K. Autumn
(the photo on the left is from a great blogger and wedding Rebecca from Oh So RB).

So at a hefty price these may not be the best option for me. But I found several other great alternatives on Etsy. I love Etsy - a wedding planing goldmine. Below are some great designs that I am thinking about.

Examples from Etsy Sellers

Anybody have a favorite?


Krista said...

Twigs and Honey

bridechic said...

Twigs! I love the no veil or above the shoulderline veil because it really gives your dress center stage. Also you don't have to lug your veil around during the reception . . .