Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mini Cakes are Always Better than Big Cakes

As previously mentioned we have decided on Sprinkles Cupcakes for our Fiesta Reception. We definitely wanted something fun and whimsical for our wedding dessert. A traditional white cake with ribbon and flowers was really not our style. We had wanted to design a cake to look like some of the Southwestern prehistoric ceramics Matt studies in grad school. But this turned out to be a pricey option and we were getting the impression that it wouldn't look that close to the real thing anyway. We have some pretty knowledgeable archaeologists on the guest list that would scrutinize every aspect of the cake, hotly discussing how it was a mix between Tularossa and Kiatuthlana pottery types for example. But that would be impossible because they date to different time periods.

So, Sprinkles it is. Now the hard part is deciding which flavors. Our friends S and S (another adorable initial sharing couple) gave us a half dozen to try for our birthdays last week and we made a trip a week ago to try them out. They are delicious, especially the frosting.
My friend Chris and I enjoying birthday Sprinkles.

I am all for each dozen we ordering being a different flavor. But now comes the hard part - choosing which flavors from thier long list! We are restricted to the flavors that are made on Saturdays. Bad news because no lemon- my fav. But helps cut down on the decisions.
Matt's top choice is peanut butter chocolate chip and mine is chocolate marshmallow. To help us decide the other flavors I am setting up a new poll. Whatever 3 flavors get the most votes will make it to the wedding.


Anne said...

Cupcakes really are all the rage! With so many different styles, colors and designs you can go in so many different directions.

Enjoy reading your blog!
All the best,

Tim said...

I'll take a double double chocolate cupcake! Sounds like you both are going to have a great day. The cupcake cake is a great modern take on the traditional wedding cake.

Hope you have a great wedding!