Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm cheating...

Despite swearing off blogging and blog stalking for a week to make some progress on the wedding, I found some great ideas today. So sue me. I admit it, I'm cheating. But right after I am done posting I am picking up the scissors and getting to work. I promise.

First fabulous idea is from Once Wed. Check out these amazing blooming chocolates. Great idea for the candy buffet and a great way to use more of our colors and our tissue paper. I think that this idea would be fabulous with chipotle truffles.

Instructions and source here.

The second fabulous find is this photo of lamps from Home Infatuation via Something Old Something New. Why is it that everything lately seems to be in our wedding colors of fuchsia, turquoise, lime, and orange? I thought we were being creative but it turns out we are just in style I guess.


Krista said...

I'll get right on the lawsuit :)
Seriously, isn't that funny - I think others are copying you!

An Atlanta Bride said...

those blooming truffles. gorgeous!! i couldnt imagine how much time it would take doing 200 of those!!

Cyd said...

I love love love the blooming truffles!