Monday, December 15, 2008

Project REUSE: Example #1

In an effort to make our wedding a little greener, we plant to reuse several items. I really didn't want to end up with 500 votive candle holders or other wedding related I mean decor.. after the whole thing was said and done. So every new purchase for the wedding I try to think of how I will reuse it later or if we already have something that could work. This is really cutting down on our consumption and is also great for our budget. :)

I hope to transform our Card Box from this

into a ribbon box (like this from Martha Stewart Crafts at Michaels).I originally purchased the fuchsia box from IKEA for $1.20 on clearance. The ribbon and paper were already on hand for other projects and I can't wait to have a cute place to store ribbon! I am an extreamly sentimental person so I hope to surround our home with all sorts of wedding keepsakes. I prefer these more sublte keepsakes and everyday items. You don't really need a set of engraved champagne glasses gathering dust to remind you of a special moment.

So what do you think? I realize the giant Card Label may be a little much and pretencious. Our venue has this adorable metal cart for gifts. Since we are not expecting many gifts I wanted jazz up the cart somehow.

More Project REUSE to come!


Rachel said...

I like the box! And I'm like you - I didn't really want a lot of leftover wedding "stuff". I like that you can keep it and re-use it for a useful purpose!! At our wedding, many of our decorations were things I either borrowed, we had, or can re-use easily (like the bayleaf garlands that are now decorating my mantle for Christmas!)

I like all the projects you have up!! I know what you mean about feeling "behind"... about 3 months out I was like "Oh crap! I've got tons to do!!" I can't imagine being you with THREE different parties to plan! I think you'll pull it off though - what you have so far is really really cool. I love the Fiesta invites with the "flags" on the top. Really cute.

Anyways - thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! I ordered my hairpiece flower from Myra at Twigs & Honey on Etsy. And actually I think there are several sellers on Etsy who do similar hair flowers. Mine cost about $40. If you want one, though, I'd go ahead and order one as it takes a few months to get.
Hope this helps!

Krista said...

Cute box.

And I like your ambitions to turn it into a ribbon box - organizational & fun!