Monday, March 9, 2009

Favorite Bride and Groom Photos

I was preparing a list of must have photos for our photographer and it got me thinking about my favorite type of bride and groom photos. So naturally looking for some way to procrastinate with a purpose I made this collage on Polyvore.

Favorite Bride and Groom Photos
Favorite Bride and Groom Photos - by M and M Wedding on

I think this group of photos says two things about the types of photos I hope we get: whimsical and detail shots. I love the photos of the couple on the swing. Since there is no swing at our venue we will have to make up our own whimsy. I love all of the detail shots - the close ups of the boutonniere, bouquet, and hand holding. Not to mention the shoes! I can't wait to get some great shots of our feet with the bottom detail of my dress.

I also love this collection of bride and groom shots.

from Style Me Pretty
I love when one of the pair is standing behind the other doing something silly.

Our photographer, Brides for Brides Photography, is amazing and I am sure Sara will do a great job capturing out wedding.


Jenn said...

I love the photo of the girl with the pink flower headband...I would look ridiculous with a huge pink flower on my forehead, but she looks so cute!

Nicole-Lynn said...

That's a great inspiration board... :)

Rachel said...

I found that it was really helpful the day of to share with my photographer some of my favorite wedding pictures from other weddings - to get ideas for poses, moments, angles, etc.
These are really great!

sera said...

This is a great idea that I hadn't thought about. I haven't dived into picking the photographer yet but I really like the idea of giving a visual representation of what you want. I have had trouble finding pics of our location (which is kind of dark/romantic) where the people in the photos weren't over-exposed deer because of poor flash photography.