Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It has officially taken over the house...

Someday I will have a room like this:

from Martha Stewart

instead of this:

Seriously all of the wedding stuff is taking over our house. Did I also mention that I am trying to write a dissertation in the same room? Well I am. And I am always trying to look for a distraction which the wedding projects are right there to tempt me. Last week when I was having a mental block I made mr and mrs signs for our reception chairs. On one hand I love doing DIY projects but I have to admit it is also a welcome distraction from that giant thing I need to eventually get around to finishing.

Awh... someday I will have a craft room that Martha would appreciate. And hopefully enjoy it as a PhD.

And maybe I will invite her over for dinner. But that would mean I have to clean this off first.

She would not approve of this mess.

Is your wedding stuff taking over your life???


Bridgette said...

Ha - Fiance just said this morning that my wedding stuff is taking over the house. And, well, it is... And I'm not working on a dissertation either!

AmyJean said...

Not yet, but i think it will soon :-/ Lol. Isn't it all part of the planning? LOL

Jenn said...

I totally posted about that a little while ago - and I'm embarrassed to say it's gotten worse since then! I'm not going to have room for any guests to sleep over if we keep going at this rate! Hmm, maybe I should rent a storage unit for 3 months...:)

Blablover5 said...

Just wait til the week before. You'll be lucky to have any sitting space.

But then soon after you can have a huge bonfire and rid yourself of all that clutter.

Future Mrs. H said...

My wedding stuff started off in a pretty little Longaberger basket... now its in 2 baskets, under a table, in the corner, and in a cabinet... and I am still over 6 months away from the wedding!