Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Review: Dyeable Shoes

My shoes initially looked like this

Even after taking them off for the walk across the stream to get to our ceremony spot

they got wet in the rain before our reception and now look like this:

In case you haven't been following I searched for turquoise shoes for months and finally settled on some dyeable flats from David's Bridal.
Not to fear! I had a back up pair of fuschia flip flops I got for $3 at Target in case I couldn't find anything else.

Warning! If there is any possibility that you or your bridesmaids will be walking outside in dyeable shoes - don't do it. I knew this was going to happen even if it didn't rain. But I really wanted this color and wasn't willing to settle. People have told me that even if you barely walk in grass that may be damp the color will run. Either give in and get something else, keep looking, or have backups.

In the end I think we got some great photos of my blue shoes and kinda liked wearing the flip flops during our reception.


Blablover5 said...

The water does give them a kind of cool effect though.

It's weird that they can't come up with a waterproof dye. I wouldn't think it'd be all that hard.

Krista said...

Good back up! I'm with blablover5 - that is a neat effect. Oh well - c'est la vie!

melissa said...

I think if you were deliberately trying to make the color bleed or run you can do some pretty cool looking shoes. I had just planned to do this AFTER the wedding not during.