Monday, April 27, 2009

Ring Bowl Love

One of the best finds I have found in the wedding blog world was the discovery of Paloma's Nest Ring Bowls via Etsy. I have seen them featured on nearly all of my favorite wedding blogs at least once so I knew that I had to have one as a wedding present to myself.

We didn't have it done to carry our rings for our ceremony but do think that it would have been a cute idea. Instead we both plan on using it to hold our rings on the nightstand.

I would recommend a ring bowl to anyone. It also comes with the beautiful packaging. I love the simplicity!


honey my heart said...

oo i love paloma's nest. we have a ring bowl too and cherish it :)

Adrienne said...

Oh I know, I love these!! I still need to order ours. Yours is adorable! I love the heart.

My Dream Ring said...


Chatterberries said...

Very cute! How I wish I could have that one also.