Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Last weekend we did what Matt calls "the best wedding planning moment so far" or what I like to call "one more thing to check off our To-Do List". It was our cake tasting. We are ordering our cake from Honeymoon Sweets and are able to get a sweet deal through our location (Antique Wedding House). And they do amazing work. Check out this ocean inspired cake:

So at about $18 a slice we decided not to go with the ocean cake but rather are doing our very own design courtesy of Matt and the cake baker.

I have to agree with Matt that the cake tasting was one of the best wedding planning moments thus far. We were given several cake and filling choices to try. We decided on one tier of white cake with Bavarian cream and strawberry filling and one tier of chocolate cake with white chocolate filling. Yummy!

It was really hard to decide. We thought about going with carrot cake and cream cheese filling or lemon cake with raspberry. But decided to keep things simple. (Remember I am marring the guy who likes plain flavored cake.) I had a total crash later in the day after eating all of that sugar but it was fabulous. Notice in the aftermath that neither of us touched the espresso filling. Yuck! But we gobbled up the white chocolate, lemon, and cream cheese.

The decoration of the cake we will keep that under wraps. Matt is in charge and a hint is that the design will feature some of his favorite things. And no, it has nothing to do with video games. We also nixed the idea of a Wii inspired cake topper. I thought my mom was going to have a heart attack when I brought that up. Probably no topper for us but we will have a unique cake cutting utensil. Stay tuned!


Mojito Maven said...

HI Melissa-

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Krista said...

I don't think I'll have a cake topper. It's hard to find one I like! But your cake sounds delish. My jaw dropped when I saw the $18/slice ocean cake!