Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cool Find of the Week

My cool find for this week is a great distraction from the wedding planning details that I feel are taking over my life. It is a website devoted to Tacky Weddings. These people are definitely not concerned about the color of the napkins or learning calligraphy to address the invitations. The website is full of hideous bridal gowns, garish bridesmaid dresses, awful cakes, and redneck wedding videos. After checking out the site who knew the British were so tacky? Definitely worth a laugh. Here are a few pics to get you interested.
Can you believe this cake?
And can you believe this bride is only 16? You should see her mother.
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Krista said...

There must be some psychological need to eat a cake that looks like yourself! That's just disturbing.

Keeli said...

On the theme of bad cakes, I discovered this blog the other day and am now totally obsessed with it:

Juliana said...

You have me addicted to this website now.

Amber said...

oh my this looks amazing, i'm checking it out immediately!