Sunday, November 9, 2008

Real Wedding Inspiration

Since we are archaeologists we thought it was only fitting that we get married at an archaeological site. I had visions of a ceremony in a ruin of a Spainish Mission in New Mexico, possibly Salinas. Matt was quick to remind me that the location of past murder and oppression of indigenous peoples wasn't exactly the vibe we were going for with our union. We thought about a few other archaeological sites and decided that 1) it was a little cliche and 2) really were looking for a nice outdoor setting in the Southwest. Red Rock Crossing in Sedona fit our desires perfectly.

Or so I thought until I saw these pictures. They are from a wedding ceremony in the Spainish Mission at Pecos National Historical Park east of Santa Fe. Absolutely gorgeous!

This wedding was beautifully photographed by Ben Chrisman and I found the posting via

Maybe we could do a Trash the Dress session post wedding. I would love to run around archaeological ruins in my dress. But only the nice, neat reconstructed ruins found in National Parks. The places we work don't quite have the same photographic appeal.

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