Thursday, November 13, 2008

Money, money....eek!!

So lately I have been feeling more and more anxious about of how much this shindig is going to cost. It is not so much that we don't have money or that things are getting overly extravagant beyond what we initially planned. It is more my frustration with the whole wedding industry. Why is it when the word wedding is attached things cost 4 times as much?

Well I love finding bargains so I think we are doing a good job of keeping the costs down at the same time not sacrificing things that we want. I also began to feel some relief once I checked out the Cost of Wedding webpage. Knowing that we are not even close to approaching even half of what an "average" wedding in Tempe costs is making me feel better.

On average, couples that live in (Tempe, AZ) spend between $21,499 and $35,831 for their wedding.


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