Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hot New Trend

I don't have my shoes yet. I don't even have my dress yet. The lack of wedding attire and less than 5 months to go is really stressing my out. One thing I do know is that I definitely want some brightly colored shoes. A cute splash of color to go with my short wedding dress (wherever style I might decide on...) I came to this conclusion months ago and thought I was being really trendy and fashion forward. Then I began looking at bridal magazines and blogs and realized. No, this is really the big trend. This is even more apparent if you look at Martha's latest feature: Wedding Day Shoes. Of course there are the classics of white and ivory but nearly half the posted photos are brightly colored heels of fuchsia, blue, orange, and more.

Martha Stewart Weddings

I am waiting to see what dress I settle on before making any final decisions but am leaning towards a turquoise peep toe. I really like this style. It is called Abby and is a dyeable shoe. Does that really work? Where do you get shoes dyed anyway? It is a simple design with a mid sized heel. But who knows I change my mind daily. (I also really liked this cute shoe from Kate Spade but it is more than the dress budget so I think I'll pass.)
from Zappos

Here are a few of my inspiration shoes. I almost wish I had bridesmaids so I could make them wear a whole rainbow of heels.

both photos from Amy Squires

Photo from Snippit and Ink

Photo from Brooklyn Bride

Photo by Jessamyn Harris featured in Inspiration Board from Snippet and Ink

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Beverly said...

Yes- shoe dye does work. We did it a lot in the 70's. I am sure Matt would be happy to wear the black Converse like in that one picutre since that is his favorite shoe style..but you can get him to wear whatever you want, I'm sure. Agree that the turquoise is beautiful and would be especially pretty against the Red Rocks of Sedona...Beverly