Monday, February 9, 2009

Cool Find of the Week

All grad student geeks like me are probably familiar with PhD comics. PhD Comics reminds grad students of their "life (or lack thier of) in Academia." The last couple of weeks have featured an ongoing storyline of grad student wedding. These comics hit close to home so I thought I would share.

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Original here.
Yep, academic departments are pretty incestuous. Matt and I are both in an archaeology graduate program. For awhile we shared an office but now we are just 63 steps away (yes, I have counted). It is nice to walk to work and have lunch with my guy.

Original here.
So we didn't get that technical with our budget, but I do have all of our wedding budget and to-do lists in a relational database. And yes we can relate to a ramen budget.

Original here.
Yup, did anyone read my rants about social and environmentally conscious wedding decisions.

Yeah, sometimes I feel like this is pretty much the case. We both are trying to write our dissertations as well as plan a wedding. Normal life doesn't stop.

Anyone seen other fun wedding comics?

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Krista said...

How did I not discover that when I was in grad school? Mind you - I just did a masters.