Thursday, February 12, 2009

Signature Drink

I read somewhere that a good signature drink incorporates something from the couple's past with the "theme" of their wedding. Following that tradition we are incorporating

prickly pear syrup (from the ubiquitous prickly pear cacti in Arizona where we met and live)
+ Tequila (from our Mexican Fiesta theme and engagement site of Mexico)
= a Prickly Pear Margarita

photo from Martha Stewart

Unfortunately our reception site doesn't allow for frozen margarita machines but I have sampled many a prickly pear margarita on the rocks and it is just as good.

I am sure everyone is familiar with a margarita. A prickly pear margarita is the same but with the addition of prickly pear fruit juice or syrup (added sweetners). Prickly pear cacti found throughout the Southwest produce the most wonderful bright pink or fuchsia fruit in the spring after flowering. Added bonus of matching our wedding colors!

In the markets of Mexico and some grocery stores in the US you can find the fruit for sale. I tried to extract the juice from a fruit once and only got about 2 Tbls. Definately not a DIY project to make sufficient quantities of juice. We went to the pros and ordered a gallon of prickly pear syrup to combine with margarita mix for the reception. The recipie is simple - just add 2 oz. of syrup for every 8 oz. of margarita mix. Add lime wedge and enjoy!

photo mine

But what do we call it on the bar menu? Just 'Prickly Pear Margarita'? It seems that good signature drinks also have clever names.

Any ideas?


heather said...

Hello there!
I love the earrings. And the quality is GREAT!
Here is the link for the earrings:

Blablover5 said...

Ooh that looks really good.

Names names . . . hm what about a Prickly Pear M&M-gareta.

Cyd said...

They sound delicious! I think a play on the M & M is also a good idea. M & Mrita?

Brenn said...

Hmm. I'm terrible at clever naming. Question though. Will your venue allow for regular blenders (as opposed to the big machine) to do some frozen and some regular?

Nicole-Lynn said...

That drink looks so yummy!

melissa said...

I like all of the plays on our M&M name. Very clever.

@ Brenn
Unfortunately no blenders either. We can deal without these things because they are letting us bring in our own alcohol - which means homebrew for the beer choice!