Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shoe Dilemma

Since I am wearing a short dress I think that shoes will be key and really set the tone for my look. I have been dreaming about a fabulous peep toe in turquoise or a darker teal. I would even go with a flat ballet slipper if it was the right color. Something like these would be almost perfect:
Nine West Julia Rea shoe
no longer available :(
Charles by Charles Women's Tux Peep Toe
But they are no longer available. :(

I am having a hard time finding what I want. For months I have window shopped and spend countless hours on-line. Every time I find a style I like, it either doesn't come in my size or not in the color I want. Since I am completely frustrated I might even consider going fuchsia. Such as these:Fuchsia Satin Peep Toe from Nordstrom

I might even have to go the dyeable route. I sort of wanted to avoid this. I did have high hopes for the new Lela Rose Dyeable shoes at Payless. The price is right but I found thier >3.5 inch heals a little out of my comfort range. And they seem like they are only about a half inch wide.

Any suggestions? Where can you find comfortable and stylish dyeable shoes? or turquoise satin fabric (no patent leather - yuck) peep toe pumps?


Krista said...

... I love the first shoe! That sucks so much that it's not available. Hmm ... I like the look of blues, so maybe a royal blue, instead of fuchsia?

Beverly said...

Walking across the rocks in almost 4 inch skinny heels could lead to potential problems for sure! The peep toes are really cute.

Hannah Noel said...

Um-- I don't know. But I WANT that first shoe. haha

Jenn said...

... speaking from experience go the dyeable route. They will match perfect. Then you can dye them black after the event. I used coloriffics, they were comfortable and now they are black. Check out

My Dream Ring said...

The first shoe is SMOKIN' I love it! As far as dyeables I am not really sure where to find any that are both comfy and cute. Have you tried

Anonymous said...

I like the fuchsia pair.

AmyJean said...

I have a soft spot for peep toes... both are gorgeous ... ugh hard decision to make!

Once A Bride said...

That first shoe with the rosette is gorgeous!

Andrea and Arthur said...

Sorry. I'm new and a little behind. What color is your dress? I loved the nine west shoe and the one under that are both unavailable. I think in one of your blogs above you said you've found your shoe. My fingers are crossed for you!