Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cool Find of the Week

We have been looking for a wedding band to go with my vintage e-ring and came across this:

Photo from here.

A little, um how do I say - bold for me. But would be fun since we have started speaking Spanish to each other since getting engaged in Mexico. Although I think I would regret this immensely later.

Anyone have "unconventional" wedding rings?


Jenny said...

First, I've gotta say I love the ring. However, personally I would regret not having something timeless.

In the end though, a ring is a a symbol of your love and if Spanish has become a special part of your relationship, the significance may outlast any plain old band (or antique band in your case.) :)

You could always get "Te amo" engraved on the inside of any other ring you choose. It could be your little secret!

Contest Chris said...

I like the ring too.

melissa said...

I like the idea of engraving "Te Amo" inside the ring. Much more subtle than the way this ring has it plastered on the side.