Monday, January 5, 2009

Shower Fun

While home for Christmas my sister-in-law and mom's friends hosted a bridal shower for me. I am so thankful for the wonderful party and must share some of the great memories. I have to admit I was a little apprehensive to have a shower. I remember when we gave my sister-in-law a shower several years ago "hazing" was sort of the point. Also, showers tend to get um.. inappropriate at times. Also I hate the whole part when the guest of honor opens presents in front of a room full of people starting at them. Weird, right?

But this was a Midwestern bridal shower with most of the quests my mother's friends. Therefore it was miles away from the "shower" my friends back in AZ keep threatening, I mean offering, to host.

The party was at a small local winery (yes there are winery's open in Nebraska in the dead of winter - I was surprised too). The room was beautiful and we decorated with our engagement photos and plenty of other decor in our colors. This particular vineyard was not yet making thier own wine (take at least 5 years for vines to mature) but we did sample a few bottles of other local NE wines.

My sister-in-law did an amazing job creating a really cool Bride Bingo game. She made up these cute cards for each guest (and some for me to scrapbook :)). Notice the background? It is one of our engagement photos with Matt down on one knee. The game included questions that she had sent Matt to answer. They included the typical shower questions to see how well (or not well) we know each other. Since many of the guests have never met Matt it was a good way for them to find out more about us as a couple. The guests had multiple choice answers - but I had to answer blind. For every question I got right I could put a little star on Matt's photo. The star was supposed to represent "his starry eyes"...

I did okay on answering the questions. But was no ace. Anticipating this game, I tried to brush up on my M&M history. Where we met - check. First date - check. Date of engagement - check. What would Matt say was the food I can't live without? Chilli rellenos - wrong, I said cheese. Matt's favorite junk food? French Fries - wrong, I said chocolate covered peanuts. What would Matt say was my favorite movie? Jungle Book - wrong, I have never even seen Jungle Book so not sure where that came from.

I really needed to get back on track. It was sort of embarrassing. Then came a series of other questions. What was your most embarrassing moment in front of Matt? I definitely know this one. It was a few years ago when I bought him the Neil Diamond CD instead of the Neal Young CD for Christmas. I don't know who either performer is but Matt was sure to let me know that Neil Young is no Neil Diamond. In the end I think I only got about half of them right. But Matt also got a few wrong in his answers as well. Doesn't really matter. I always say we know each other better than we do ourselves.

The rest of the shower was filled with eating (it was around the holidays after all), chatting, and of course the present opening. I don't want to sound unappreciative of the gifts. It is really nice to receive gifts and appreciate the time, effort, and expense people go to. But why do they have to be opened in front of people. It just seems to put the focus on material gifts received rather than the people. I propose that we as society change this tradition and do something to embarrass the guests by asking their spouses questions about how well they know each other instead. Now that would be a fun party.
I owe a big thanks to all of the hard work my sister-in-law did with the game and hosting. Also I am thankful for my Mom's good friends for making some great food. If you were able to make it - I really enjoyed seeing you there. If you were not able to come - you were missed.


Krista said...

That shower looked like super-fun. I love the bingo!

Lori said...

Well, you got me to sign up as a google blogger. Lyndsay sent me the game questions, I enjoyed reading them... Matt didn't have that many stars on his face:)
I am excited for the wedding...what color should I wear?!