Sunday, January 18, 2009

More E-Ring Photos

Inspired by the recent tweaking of the Relentless Bride's e-ring photos by the Introverted Wife, and all of the e-ring posts on Wedding Bee I decided to take a shoot at some artsy pics of our rings.

The top photos are my ring in our agave favors and centerpieces. And of course since we are M&M we have to get a few shots of our rings with them. I think I will put both of these types of pics on our list for the photographer. I will leave it to the pros.

Thanks to everyone for the reassurance about my dress saga. Meeting with a seamstress later this week. On a more positive note, we met with the venue and caterer to finalize the menu, centerpieces and linens yesterday. The price was $400 less than our initial quote. How often does that happen?


Jess & Frankie said...

Love the M&M shot though!

Blablover5 said...

Love the MM shot too. Looks quite tasty.

I'd love to take a crack at retouching some of them too if you wouldn't mind.

AmyJean said...

I'm definitely loving the M&M shots... so appropriate for your blog too :)