Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cool Find of the Week

The week before New Year's is my favorite time of the year. No, not because I am still chowing down on Christmas goodies but because everywhere you turn there is a Year's Best of something and everything countdown. I am a girl who loves to reminisce...

I was so busy this year I missed out on watching, reading, and even writing my own Best of 2008 list. But recently I did come across this slideshow of the Best 2008 Wedding Images from the Best Wedding Photographers from Junebug Weddings.

Here are two of my favorites:I obviously love these because of the whimsical vibe of the wedding couples. And of course I love the short, sassy dress from the top.

I know the bottom image is also featured on the cover of the recently released Southern Weddings Magazine (how could you not of seen this one if you read wedding blogs), but where have I seen the top image before? I know it is familiar. If anyone knows, tell me because I would love to see more from this wedding.

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Beverly said...

this is the blog you probably saw