Friday, January 2, 2009

Cool Find of the Week

Argh! I have had quite the week and excited to be home and back to blogging. This is a particular triumph because earlier today I was catching up on some internet surfing when suddenly I was attacked by a computer virus. Never have I encountered such an unrelentless horrific cyber attack. Matt (have I mentioned before how much I love him?) spent at least 6 hours non-stop working on it. This was quite the feat because he is no novice with working with technology. As my panic began to increase he regained control and I am back to business.

And I am also back to sharing a Cool Find of the Week. This week's find goes to the new Martha Stewart Wedding magazine. This issue is so jammed packed full of great ideas it should be my Cool Find of the Month. MSW is always amazing but this issue is the best yet in my opinion.This issue is devoted to color - my personal wedding trend favorite. I have listed some of the best ideas I am thinking about how to incorporate.

1) Stylish colorful shoes at an affordable price designed by Lela Rose will soon be available at Payless
2) Super fun reception food ideas including marshmallows, sorbets, fizzy citrus drinks, and fluffy cotton candy. These would all be great at the dessert reception!
3) Adorable doily flagsphoto from the magazine pg. 230

4) Pink and Orange color palette
5) Adorable bow boutonnieres


Beverly said...

Finally, my blog fix! I didn't realize how much I looked forward to
your blogs.......but I've missed them while you were out for the holidays.

Krista said...

It's a great MSW magazine, I agree. :) I spent a week reading it, instead of my usual afternoon reading it all. Part of that had to do with being the holidays, and part of it had to do with wanting to savour this issue!

Krista said...

In response to your post - so you were a little "late in the game"! Oh well. As you know, you have to get engaged when/if it's the right time for you, not because your friends are doing it!

For this "trend" Wade thinks we started: engaged friend Kristy is 27; engaged friend Crystal is 30; my cousin is 35 and his fiancee is 28. My fiance is 35, but I'm 27. But there does seem to be a time when many people in a social circle get engaged. Sometimes, some friends end up being in the same point in their loves. And others may be earlier, later or not at all!

AmyJean said...

I love the color palette!