Monday, February 2, 2009

Shoe Dilemma Take Two

Thanks for all of the great advice about shoes. I got some great ideas.

Jeana from My Dream Ring suggested I look at This was a new site for me and is great because you an search by color as well as style, etc. Although they didn't seem to search many stores... Anyway I found a few more contenders. Unfortunately none in turquoise/teal.

Jessica Simpson Ceasar- but not in my size :(
Charles by Charles Pendant Pump
Caparros Vincente II Satin Pump
Cole Haan Air Elly Patent Wedge
Mootsies Tootsies Trusty Retouched - perfect but no turquoise or fuchsia!!!

My future mother-in-law reminded me that heals of any size might be be the best things since we are getting married outside and have to embark on a short hike to get there - over a stream as well. And honestly who am I kidding. I wear Teva sandles everyday. Thinking flats or something like the wedge shoes above might be better.

The search continues....


Hannah Noel said...

I LOVE the Caparros Vincente II Satin Pump. gorgeous!!

Maybe you should be funny and wear hiking boots.. Okay, okay I take it back!

Krista said...

Ooh, I'm with Hannah Noel - the Caparros are gorgeous.

Of course, you could wear practical & comfy low heels or flats for the day. But for pictures when you're getting ready, wear some of your pretty shoes (or if you don't own any pretty shoes, borrow a friends for the photo session)! :)

Adrienne said...

I agree with Krista, you could easily be a two shoe bride and glam it up for the pictures!! Happy shopping!

AmyJean said...

I'm definitely digging the shoes... i'm also thinking wedges since i'll be outdoors... or maybe a thick heel instead of stilettos! :)

honey my heart said...

i am a true believer in the cole haan air elly. they are so comfy and cute! hope you find your perfect shoes soon.

Lilian said...

I love the last one.
Good luck on your search.
Have you tried this site: ?